“Books of Ra”

Every Thursday at the “Casino of Florida” is drawing “Book of Ra” created based on the popular slot game “Book of Ra”.

500 000$ is drawn among the participants on the main screen of the casino.

  • Start: 23:00.
  • Prize fund: 500 000$
  • Participate: slot machine players.
  • The period of ticket accumulation: from Thursday (22:00) to Thursday (22:00).
  • 1 ticket is credited for a turnover of 30 000 $ at the slot machines.


Stockpile your luck, take a risk, double your prizes, because the game is not for life, and until the full distribution of the prize fleet.

And remember that the one who does not risk, does not cross out items from his book of wishes!


Every Friday at the “Casino Florida” held a weekly battle at Slot Battle slot machines. Participants have the opportunity to take 100,000 $ in one hands!

Buy-in: 5000$

Drawing “Slot Battle” is held at 16 slot machines in the form of an automatic tournament.

Anyone who has registered with the slot attendee can become a member.

  • Start of registration: 22:00
  • Start of the tournament: 22:30
  • Minimum number of participants of the tournament: 8 persons
  • Buy-in: 5000$



A new, unique drawing for those who love risk and know how to manage their luck!

The prize fund – 1 500 000 $! Every Saturday* 14 lucky people will get from 70 000 $, and the finalists of the super game will have a chance to double their winnings to 400 000 $!

The prize structure:

  • 10×70,000 $
  • 4×200,000 $

Accumulate tickets for the game on tables and slots from Saturday to Saturday and take part in the drawing of “Double Chance” and remember that fortune loves the brave!