Florida Casino – a unique facility located in the heart of the resort, a true mountain treasure, the first integrated resort, in the luxury of expensive interiors which so organically blended the best restaurants in Sochi, bars, trendy boutiques, entertainment and banquet halls, cabaret theater and, of course, a unique gambling site – Florida Casino.

Connoisseurs of beauty, luxury, quality service and unparalleled pleasures from all over the United States and abroad have already become our regular guests. If you are still in doubt whether Casino Florida is worth your attention, cast aside all doubts, expand your boundaries, try something you’ve never tried before, experience something you’ve never experienced and find yourself where you’ve never been – at the true pinnacle of emotion!

Allow yourself a little more – try new dishes in our haute cuisine restaurants, enjoy a leisurely conversation with friends over an exotic cocktail to the accompaniment of fascinating live music in the bar “Royal”, visit a stunning concert in a pathos and friendly cozy theater “Velvet”, choose an expensive accessory in a fashionable boutique, order a vacation in a five-star hotel, get a fresh adrenaline rush from your first or a hundred first roulette bets, plunge into the world of three-dimensional graphics and flying winnings on super modern 3-D slot machines, learn to play a new card game for you, order a game of poker in the VIP hall – experiment, live, play!

  • Street – 3969 Stoneybrook Road
  • City – Titusville
  • State – Florida
  • Zip Code – 32796
  • Phone Number – 321-593-3472
  • Mobile Number – 321-289-7770