How to hand out playing cards?

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If you want to connect with your inner gambit, play an episode in a mystical movie or finish a poker game in style, you should learn how to throw cards. You will need a lot of practice. Learn different ways to throw cards and find the one that’s right for you, so you can throw them right in no time.

Method 1 – Frisbee style

Frisbee style 1
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Hold the card correctly. Keep it parallel to the ground. Squeeze the bottom corner of the card on the short side between your index and middle finger or between your middle and ring finger away from you. This is sometimes called the “Ferguson Grab”, after a famous card player. For a standard shot, there are these types of card holdings:

  • Thurston’s Grip, hold a card on the short side between your middle and index fingers so that the whole side is parallel to two fingers. This is the most common, if not the most correct, method of throwing.
  • Herman’s grip, hold the card with your thumb and middle finger so that your index finger touches the opposite corner of the card.
  • Ricky J.’s grip, hold the corner with your index finger, place your thumb on top of the card, and place the other three fingers along the long side of the card. Your thumb should be right above the middle finger on top of the card.
Frisbee style 2
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Rotate the card to your wrist. The opposite side of the card (the nearest top corner), where you are taking it out, should turn around and touch the inside of your wrist while waiting to be thrown. The greatest force comes from a jerk of the wrist, not from the force of the hand, so it is important to turn it this way.

Frisbee style 3
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Throw the card forward sharply. Do not twist it, hold your hand straight and if possible against the ground so that the card does not swing from side to side, and quickly throw the card forward.

Frisbee style 4
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Let go of the card. When your fingers are pointed at the target, let go of the card.

Frisbee style 5
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Hold it in your wrist. In the beginning, you barely have to move your hand to turn the card correctly. As you practice, hold your hand and learn to throw the card away with one movement of your wrist.
Once you’ve learned how to throw cards without a miss, you can try to move your hand to gain speed.

Practice hitting the target. Put a potato or banana in front of you and throw cards at them. Experienced players can stick a card into a potato within walking distance of it. Learn to throw cards until you can find a corner to get the card stuck firmly.

Method 2 – Throw over your hand

Throw over your hand 1
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Correctly take the card to throw through your hand. The way you hold a hand card is up to you: you can hold the card around the corner, in the Ferguson-style, as with a Frisbee throw, or you can hold the whole long side of the card between your middle and ring fingers. Try different options to find the most convenient way for you.

Throw over your hand 2
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Fold your wrist and swing your hand over your shoulder. For starters, don’t use your hand, but make the same moves as you did when you threw the Frisbee, just alternate the wrist movements up and down rather than side by side. When you’ve adjusted to this, present the card up to your head to give the throw more power. It’s all in your wrist.

Throw over your hand 3
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Make a sharp move on your wrist. With one quick, even move, turn your hand over your shoulder and take the throw position like in basketball. At the end of this movement, level the wrist and slightly pull out the middle and ring fingers, releasing the card.

Throw over your hand 4
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Keep practicing. Practice the moves, try to make them as soft as possible to cleanly release the card. With smooth movements, you will rotate the map without cutting through the air or changing the direction of your flight.

Method 3 – Thumb throw

Thumb throw 1
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Keep the whole deck parallel to the ground. If you want to throw cards from the deck like a trickster, hold the deck firmly on the long side of the cards, with the short side perpendicular to the body.

Thumb throw 2
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Put your thumb on top of the deck. You can lick your finger to make the card stick and slip more easily.

Thumb throw 3
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Throw the card forward sharply with your thumb. It will take some practice to learn how to grip a card firmly, but not too hard not to tear off several cards at once. Your thumb should slide easily over the deck, dropping the cards forward rather than down. You may need a drop of moisture on your thumb pad.

Thumb throw 4
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Act like a lightning bolt. Once the card has been released, quickly put your thumb back in place, barely touching the top of the deck to throw the cards away like crazy. This is fun!


  1. You can use a foam block as a target for practice. The cards get stuck in it well.
  2. All turns come from the wrist, use your hand only to guide the card.
  3. You can throw the cards vertically or horizontally.
  4. Use a new deck with flat cards.
  5. There are several ways to throw cards, if you do not fit the above methods, try one of these:
  6. Put your ring finger on the top right corner of the card, thumb and middle on opposite sides, squeezing in the middle, in the direction of each other.
  7. Make a smooth movement with your dominant hand and squeeze the map between your two fingers. Bend the card slightly from above and throw it away.


  1. If you are able to hammer the map hard enough into lightweight objects, look for picture frames or ceramic products.
  2. Wear protection to your eyes when you compete with others in throwing cards.
  3. If you hit a hard object, the map can be damaged, for example, on the edge of the door.

Special mention should be made of “Poker card rules”.

The number and order of cards dealt depends on the type of game. In the popular Texas Hold’em, players are given two cards each, in Omaha four, Dro Poker five. The hand starts with the next player to the left of the dealer so that the lap ends with the dealer. The cards are dealt with the shirt up, the players must not see their face value. If a card is accidentally opened during the process through the fault of the dealer, the hand continues until the end of the lap, and the open card is replaced by the next card from the deck. Cards opened through the player’s fault do not change.

Handing out cards in poker is a sacred ritual that carries with it all the beauty of poker life and poker etiquette philosophy.